How To Remove Tabs In The Phone Application On The HTC One

Greg August 10, 2013 0

When you open the default Phone application in the HTC One, there are 5 tabs that all appear normally being; Call History, Phone, Favourites, People and Groups.

They can be quite frustrating and it is unlikely many people will use all of them. As there is no point having unused features still active, you CAN edit these and also edit the order that they go in.

First, we will look at how to delete some of these tabs:

  1. Open the Phone application
  2. Press the Settings button in the top right (the three dots)How To Remove Tabs From the HTC One Phone Application
  3. Select ‘Edit Tabs’How To Remove Tabs From the HTC One Phone Application
  4. Here all of the tabs will be displayed. To disable them, uncheck the checkbox of the tab you do not want to display. By default, the “Phone” and “People” tabs have to be displayed, so you can’t disable those two. Once you have done it, press “Done”.How To Remove Tabs From the HTC One Phone Application
  5. Done! If you want to re-arrange the tabs so that they appear in a different order. Go to Step 4 again, and you can drag the icon on the left of each Tab and drag them up or down to where you want them to be positioned. Then press “Done”.

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